Internet Home Based Business Idea – If You Need One, Just Look At Other Internet Business Ideas

If you want to build an internet home based business but are struggling to come up with an idea, don’t worry. Starting your very own internet home business can be much easier than you might expect. But don’t be fooled by get rich quick schemes! Legitimate internet home based business ideas do require consistent and intelligently applied work habits.

Businesspeople frequently accept as fact what they have heard or read without doing their own investigation or study. So once you are exposed to new ideas, seek out more knowledge and other opinions before diving in head first.

So, let me introduce you to a relatively fast and cheap way to find a product for your internet home based business:

1. Go to any affiliate program website, such as Clickbank.

2. Take a look at the top selling products and select one you think you can easily copy.

3. Visit the product owner’s website and purchase that product.

4. Review the product by writing down everything good and bad.

5. Find a freelance industrial designer or computer programmer online to create an improved version of the product.

6. Then go back to the affiliate website and get the site’s users to promote the product for you by offering healthy commission rates!

Now, what you are doing here is finding out what’s already selling and has healthy market demand. And in fact, the more competition the better because affiliate marketers will be attracted to the top selling products, so you will have more people promoting your product for you.

Pick a popular affiliate website like so you will have an affiliate force of over 100,000 people promoting your internet home based business idea for you. Your goal will be to reach the number one selling product in a given category because those people make the most sales per day, anywhere from 200 to 300!

If you are selling a $50 product idea for your internet home business, and make approximately $25 for every sale, 200 to 300 times a day, how successful would you consider your internet home based business idea after that?

The Top 3 Internet Businesses In 2011

Over the last 20 years the World Wide Web has evolved into an information presentation mechanism that allows over 33% of us (human beings) to get and post information at rates previously thought impossible just 30 years ago. We now know more than we ever have and the rate at which we share information increases every second of every day. The Web also represents an unprecedented opportunity to entrepreneurs who for whatever reason (socio-economic or/and geo-political) would not get a fair start any other way. This truth has people all over the planet looking more and more for Internet business ideas and ways to earn income using the Web.

A recent poll of adults conducted in Las Vegas, found that 90% of Americans did not have more than $400 dollars of liquid, available and completely disposable capital. Upon finding that information out I decided to limit this article to businesses that can be started for less than $400, in efforts to make this as realistic as is currently possible. By putting these two factors together and researching for several months I have determined the TOP 3 Web based business models for 2011.

#1. Selling Websites Plus Hosting

The number one cash “cow” online today is website design and hosting. This is where the money is made by the big companies via self-serve website generators. These services let you build your own website without the use of webmasters, graphic designers or software programmers and have become very popular. One major value proposition with them is that hosting comes with. The facts are that 60% of people in developed countries want to purchase a website or need a more functional website. The estimated number of websites to be sold by 2015 exceeds 450 million. Selling Websites plus Hosting is smart business and those who can do it stand to make a lot of money.

#2. Niche (members only) Social Networks

This is the only market that counts for dot-comers right now because creating a hot Social Network, can net you millions from your ideas and effort. Niche networks exist that net tens of millions of dollars per month in revenue because they are topic specific and as it turns out, people will pay to use them instead of generic networks populated by random people for random reasons. The reason for this is that people like to be in the company of like minded individuals for a specific purpose. Topic based networks have been a staple of the Internet since its inception.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Today, the largest number of people earning a living off the Web are running Affiliate Marketing campaigns of one sort or another and most use Pay Per Click ads to attract customers to their websites. Ideally, to make money using this method you need to create as many topic specific websites as you can, then Search Engine Optimize each of those sites to sell a specific product or service, then buy some key worded domains to point to the websites you made and finally purchase clicks from a search engine. If all goes as planned you will make many small increments of money from many websites which should add up to more than you spent on your PPC ads.

So there you have it, the top business models to use if you are serious about making money on the Internet in 2011. The only thing you need now is suitable software that will allow you to operate as a Mini-ISP (sell self-serv Websites + Hosting over the Internet), automatically generate unlimited Affiliate Marketing Websites and SEO (Search Optimize) each one and create a niche (Topic Based) Social Network that users pay a membership fee or subscription to use. Good Luck and have a great year.

The Best Internet Business Ideas

The context of online business has become such an interesting subject. The reason being, it offers the most lucrative opening to most people. Millions of us are looking for a way to make money. Internet business ideas as such form the most sought after solutions to this question. There quite a number of smart incentives which could earn one a lot of revenue when implemented.

Blogging ranks as one of the most successful ways to earn relevant revenue. Creating blogs can generate revenue in various ways. You can make the blog as successful as possible and sell it. Two, you can blog and sell the content to companies which want such kind of content and third, you can blog and allow advertisements to be placed on you blog and be paid for that.

Affiliate schemes are now the most popular programs which you can earn a lot of money through. If you have a blog or a website, all you need is to place anchor texts and a link to the website that you are a member. Any relevant click will lead to a successful earning known as pay-per click.

E-bay auction and selling also is quite a very profitable internet business practice. Many people who have committed their time and resources on the practice are now established sellers at e-bay. You could also become one. You can learn more about this from e-bay

Research and analysis is another very reputable and highly profitable internet business. By conducting research for corporations, law firms and even websites, you earn a lot of money since the research work is well paid for.

Other internet businesses include consulting, freelancing, freelance writing and a lot more other relevant internet business ideas.